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About Coffee with SIBM

The Aspirant Relations Team at SIBM Pune is the interface between the aspirants and SIBM Pune. It conducts various events around the year to ensure that the aspirants stay engaged, focused and motivated. Coffee with SIBM is the flagship event conducted by the Aspirant Relations Team and is the most unique event in the regard of MBA examination preparation, especially SNAP. The aim of Coffee with SIBM is to reach out to aspirants across the country in order to help them crack the SNAP test and get into the B-school of their choice. Aspirants from all over India prepare for MBA entrances with a lot of fervor and zeal, and the same is resonated by SIBM Pune and A.R.T. through this effort to conduct interactive seminars and interactions lasting over two hours across 16 venues in 14 cities. The event has been successfully conducted for 13 editions, the first one being in 2006.

Every year, SIBM Pune answers queries of over 6000 students through this platform where the aspirants interact with the current students of SIBM Pune in a candid and no-holds-barred session, understanding the life at SIBM Pune, and getting help in the right direction to ultimately become a student themselves! At Coffee with SIBM sessions, students are introduced to SIBM Pune, with stills of life at the college being displayed and explained. Taking the engagement to the next level, A.R.T. conducts live quizzes to instil a competitive spirit in the students, gearing them up for SNAP. After this, current students of SIBM Pune answer queries of the aspirants regarding anything and everything, helping them choose the right B-school and working hard to reach their goals